Whether you’re just bringing home a brand-new Lincoln model or you’re looking to keep an older model running for a few more years, routine maintenance is one of the main keys to success. Every vehicle is susceptible to wear and tear over time due to heat, rough roads, and general use, so keeping up with your vehicle maintenance is critically important. Schedule your routine services at Livermore Lincoln with our online service scheduling tool today!

Important Routine Services

Perhaps the most important service to keep your Lincoln running for years to come is regular oil and filter changes. As oil breaks down it loses its ability to properly lubricate your engine and sludge build up from dirt and dust particles can clog critical passageways. Together these issues mean increased heat and wear to the critical parts of your engine, resulting in power loss and even premature failure if left unchecked.

Your brakes have the important job of bringing thousands of pounds of weight to a stop from highway speeds in just a few hundred feet or less. As such they see quite a bit of wear and will need to be checked from time to time. Your brake pads apply friction to brake rotors which wears out both components. In addition, the extreme heat can cause brake rotors to warp if they are too worn, resulting in unstable braking performance. Get ahead of both issues and stop with confidence with a brake service at our dealership.

Your alignment is important to the proper handling and ride of your Lincoln vehicle. Rough roads can knock your suspension out of alignment and cause pulling, uneven tire wear, and an uncomfortable ride. Have your alignment checked at least once a year with a visit to our expert Lincoln service center in Livermore.

Schedule Your Next Service Today!

Chances are you have an idea of when your next routine maintenance task might need to be performed. Use our online service scheduler to set up your next appointment any time, and ensure a long life with your Lincoln vehicle.

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