It is often said that the only safety feature on your vehicle that actually touches the road is your tires. As such it is vital that you ensure you have a good set of tires on your vehicle so you can handle whatever life throws at you. Livermore Lincoln offers a wide variety of tire services including rotation and replacement, and our competitive tire prices will ensure you get the right tires at the right price.

Tire Repair

Whether you’ve run over a nail or simply came out to a flat tire, our tire repair services can get you back on the road without needing a whole new tire. If the puncture is through the tread we can plug and reseal the hole and get you back on the road in no time.

Tire Rotation

Get the most out of every set of tires with a tire rotation at least twice per year. Your front tires have the arduous task of changing direction and accelerating your vehicle, and they will wear much more quickly than the rears, even on an all-wheel drive vehicle. Tire rotation will ensure that the wear remains more even between all four tires, allowing you to get more miles out of one set before a replacement is required.

Full Tire Change

When your tires are truly worn, you are not only liable to slip and slide whenever the road becomes wet, but you’re at greater risk of a blowout as well. Ensure the safety of yourself and everyone around you by picking up a new set of tires at our dealership. We offer a wide selection of tire brands so we can fit any budget and get you back on the road safely.

Schedule Your Tire Appointment Today!

Whether you’re due for a tire rotation or you need a new set of tires for your vehicle, schedule your tire appointment at Livermore Lincoln today! We’ll ensure you have a safe set of tires and get you back on the road quickly so you can drive with confidence.

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