Simplified Auto Finance


We’ve heard the horror stories. It’s nonsensically difficult to get auto financing at other Fremont car dealerships. The long wait times, the unclear terms and conditions, the high monthly payments — we know you deserve better.


Your time is precious. We don’t want to waste it. That’s why Livermore Lincoln has streamlined our car loan and car lease processes. We’ve removed everything unnecessary, keeping only the essentials.


We’re widely regarded as one of the finest Lincoln dealerships. Discover why by visiting today.


A Pragmatic Approach


The finance center at our Fremont car dealership is staffed with the savviest auto finance professionals. They provide our clients with the lowest interest rates and the most attractive monthly payments on car loans and car leases.


Securing financing from Livermore Lincoln was simple in the past, but our financial professionals were dedicated to perfecting the process. Now, we’re proud to say it’s never been easier to get a car loan or a car lease with Livermore Lincoln.


The days of scheduling an appointment or waiting inside the finance center at our Fremont car dealership to speak with our financial experts are long gone. Your time is valuable, so we’ve flipped the script. Instead of you waiting on us, now we wait on you. Our sophisticated online tools put the ball in your court. Now, it’s time to get it rolling.


Explore our exciting online tools today, so you can drive a stunning Lincoln tomorrow.


Knowing Your Worth 


Getting a new car loan or car lease is uniquely exciting. However, before adding a new vehicle to your driveway, you may be wondering how you’re going to sell your current vehicle. Don’t fret. We’ve got you covered.


The 2 main issues that arise with selling a vehicle are: 1) knowing what it’s worth, and 2) finding a good buyer. We have solutions to both problems. You can discover your vehicle’s worth with our Kelley Blue Book® price estimator. By leveraging KBB’s 90 years of market research, we can ensure you get an accurate estimate of your vehicle’s market value.


With a price you can feel confident about bringing to market, that’s one problem solved. Now we have to find you a good buyer. Look no further than our dealership. Our price estimator will give you a KBB Instant Cash Offer that you can bring to our dealership today to redeem for your car. If you’d prefer, you can trade-in your car and apply its value toward your next car loan or car lease. Then, you’ll only have to pay the residual amount. Sounds like a win-win scenario.


Get Pre-Approved For Auto Financing


Now that your old car is out of the picture, let’s focus on getting your new one. It’s easy with our online finance application. You can find it by clicking the “Financing & Offers” tab at the top of the page, then clicking on “Finance Application”. Start by entering basic contact information about yourself. Then, proceed to input your employment and banking information. Finally, inform us of your co-applicant if you plan to apply jointly. Once you’ve completed the application, one of our finance professionals will reach out to you to discuss available financing opportunities.


It’s that easy. Get pre-approved for financing today with the Livermore Lincoln online finance application.

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