Whenever you take your Lincoln out for a drive, you’re relying on it to provide you with a safe, comfortable ride that will get you to your destination without incident. While we can often take this for granted, it’s important to remember that every drive puts wear and tear on important parts that need to be checked periodically. Livermore Lincoln is committed to the safety of all our Fremont neighbors, so visit our service center and ensure the quality and safety of your vehicle today!

Lincoln Brake Service near Stockton, CA

Perhaps the most important safety feature on your Lincoln vehicle is the brake system. Responsible for bringing thousands of pounds to a stop from highway speeds quickly and reliably, brake components are also some of the most taxed parts of your vehicle. Hayward, CA drivers experiencing a soft pedal, pulling, or grinding while braking should bring your vehicle to our service center as soon as possible. Brake pads and rotors can wear, brake fluid can break down, and calipers can become stuck resulting in unpredictable braking. Avoid this safety hazard by having your brakes inspected regularly by expert technicians that know your Lincoln model inside and out.

Lincoln Alignment Service near Pleasanton, CA

Feeling an annoying vibration while you drive? Is your steering wheel not quite straight even though you aren’t turning? These are just two signs of a misaligned suspension. And while these symptoms may feel like minor annoyances as you drive, they are a sign that your vehicle is in need of a service.

A suspension that is out of alignment can result in anything from uneven tire wear to a wheel falling off as you drive, so any unusual feelings behind the wheel should be inspected quickly. If nothing else, you’ll save money on tires with a suspension that is performing as it should, and regular checkups will ensure something more serious isn’t going to plague your drive.

Visit Our Lincoln Service Center Today!

If your Lincoln vehicle hasn’t seen a factory-trained technician recently, schedule your next service appointment today! Our team of experts and catalog of genuine Motorcraft parts will make sure you get back on the road safely.

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