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Getting a new car is no small undertaking, but should always be an exciting one. When you sit down and put pen to paper, a common decision to be made is whether it makes better sense for you to lease a new Lincoln or finance it with a car loan.


While a lot of it depends on your wants and needs, there are some practical points to be made which favor both options. To learn more about the motivations behind both of those options, please keep reading. Then, visit the preferred Fremont car dealership.


When To Finance With A Car Loan

Financing to own is the preferred method by most car buyers in America. When you finance your new Lincoln or other vehicle, a bulk of the vehicle price is covered by financing, a car’s trade-in value or cash. On most occasions, a car loan is the best and easiest way to finance your new vehicle.At Livermore Lincoln, we use established relationships with banks, finance companies or credit unions to find you the best interest rate. Most loans are paid off within 8 years, but depending on your situation, a car loan can be settled in much less time.


Another advantage to financing your new Lincoln is that you could actually build up equity over time. Plus, on-time payments can boost your credit score.


When you buy your new Lincoln, you will see no limit to the number of miles you can put on it and are free to customize it as you wish.


When A Car Lease Is The Right Move


If you’re the type who prefers to drive a new vehicle every 2-3 years with no long-term commitment, a car lease could be an outstanding option. In addition, since you are essentially only paying for the depreciation of the car for the duration of the lease, your monthly payments will be significantly lower than if you were financing to own. There will typically be a designated amount due upfront, which is then followed by those lower monthly payments. Most car leases span 2 to 3 years.


When considering a car lease, there are a few things to keep in mind. With car leases come reasonable limits to the number of miles you can put on your new Lincoln or other car.  Also, since your lease is not unlike a long-term rental,  you will not be free to customize it.


While there are certain practical pluses to car leases, the idea of new vehicles every few years with low monthly payments is just too good to pass up.


Regardless Of Credit History, We Want To Help You Qualify For Auto Finance


At Livermore Lincoln, we understand that not everyone is going to have ideal credit. But, regardless of your credit history, our goal is to get you what you want and need. We’ve enjoyed great success with customers holding good and bad credit.


Another perk many people may not realize is that when you finance a new vehicle with a car loan, you have an opportunity to elevate your credit score. With on-time payments each month, over time, that score will go up. That positions you well for future financial endeavors.


For more information about how we can help with a car loan or a car lease, don’t spin around in circles. Let us help you make the best, most informed decision.


Livermore Lincoln Is A Better Choice For All Your Choices


In addition to being an outstanding finance center with information and materials to help with all your finance needs, Livermore Lincoln gives you an irresistible selection of new and pre-owned Lincolns and other vehicles to lease or finance.


Once you’ve got a finance plan in place and have that incredible new or pre-owned Lincoln or any other car, you always want to keep it running smoothly. The best way to do that is to put your vehicle’s care into the hands of people who care. Our on-site service and repair department is fully-equipped to handle jobs of all sizes, from routine oil changes to more involved engine or transmission work.


For all your automotive wants and needs, make Livermore Lincoln your one-stop shop.

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