Drivers from Livermore, Fremont, Stockton and Hayward can find unbeatable deals on used cars at Livermore Lincoln. Not only do we make the most preferable offers on used cars in the area, we also stock the most affordable choices, including a variety of cars, truck and SUVs under $12K.

Our bargain inventory includes a wide range of vehicles - all priced at or below $12K. Whether you're a first-time driver looking to save on your first vehicle or you're shopping for a high school or college student, you're bound to find a great option in our bargain section. Popular models drivers from Pleasanton and Hayward will find within our bargain inventory include the Ford Fiesta, the Ford Edge, the Ford Focus, the Ford Fusion and the Nissan Versa Note.

We stock bargain cars that are of newer model years as well as models with more mileage, and we're sure you'll find the choice that suits you best when you browse your options. Buying a bargain car from Livermore Lincoln allows you to save a significant amount of cash, pay less each month and avoid extreme depreciation. You'll enjoy many of the same advantages as you would when buying a new car, but for a whole lot less money up front.

Shop our bargain inventory online or in-store today. Make Livermore Lincoln your most trusted used car dealership near Stockton and Fremont and enjoy the most savings on used cars, trucks and SUVs in the area.

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