Theres nothing like the look of a brand-new car. The way the paint shines in the sunlight is truly something to behold. If you want to maintain that new-car look, though, it's important that you become familiar with car wax. At Livermore Lincoln, we want you to be able to take care of your vehicle, which is why we offer this look at the basics of car wax.

Wax can be made from a variety of different components. Whether its carnauba wax, palm wax, or silicone wax, though, wax is ultimately a compound that can be applied as a cream and then dries to form a hard shell on your vehicle.

This hard shell prevents potentially harmful contaminants in Livermore from damaging your vehicles clear coat. Pollutants such as acid rain, bird droppings, hard water deposits, and other appearance-degrading contaminants can all be stopped or significantly slowed by applying wax to your vehicle. This helps to maintain its shine and makes it easier to keep your car clean.


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