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Lincoln Service Center in Livermore

Whether your luxury vehicle requires service or repair, you know you can trust the professionals at Livermore Lincoln. Our Certified Technicians understand every aspect of your Lincoln vehicle, ensuring that repairs are made to factory specifications. Plus, we offer numerous conveniences to make your life easier, such as our pickup and delivery service. Check out the latest specials and schedule your next Lincoln service appointment today.

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Quality Auto Repair in Livermore

When your Lincoln car or SUV breaks down, you need to know that you have a team of professionals standing by to help you. You could take your luxury vehicle to the local repair shop, but you aren’t going to deal with factory-trained technicians that understand what your car or SUV requires.

Instead, you want to trust our team of experts at your Lincoln repair center. They have the knowledge to perform the simplest to the most complex auto repairs to factory specifications, ensuring your Black Label SUV leaves in the same condition it was in when it was new. Additionally, we use OEM parts for a high-quality repair.

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Oil Change Service in Livermore

Your Lincoln requires regular oil changes to keep it running its best. With a regular oil and filter change, you avoid the need for auto repair down the road. Our certified technicians use the best motor oil in your luxury vehicle to ensure the motor runs as it should. We also provide the right filter to ensure contaminants never make it into the engine where harm could be created.

Plus, we offer a variety of oil change specials that help you save money. With our Quick Lane Service, you can get back on the road in the blink of an eye.

Lincoln Certified Service in Livermore

Our expert care doesn’t stop once the vehicle is sold to you. Our team of factory-certified technicians is always available to ensure your car or SUV runs the way it should. With the regular training that our team receives, you can be confident that we understand how to care for your vehicle.

Additionally, our shop is equipped with advanced equipment designed to provide you with a speedy, yet quality repair. There’s simply no reason to take your Lincoln to a local shop for auto repair when you have our team of professionals ready to help.

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Brake Service in Livermore

If the brakes aren’t feeling like they normally do or you are hearing strange noises when you step on the pedal, it might be time for our auto repair services. Our technicians offer a complete brake inspection, looking for wear and anything that could harm the integrity of your braking system. If brake service is required, you can take advantage of our certified technicians and specialized equipment to get the job done right the first time. Not only will we use premium parts, but you can also enjoy the benefits of our Lincoln Pickup & Delivery service.

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Battery Service in Livermore

The last thing you want to deal with is a dead car battery when you have somewhere to be. With our battery check services, you can ensure that the health of your automotive battery remains intact. If the battery is dying, it’s best to replace it before you have trouble.

Every Motorcraft battery that gets installed in your Lincoln is backed by a warranty from the Ford Motor Company and is made to handle your luxury car needs. Don’t trust just any auto repair center to care for your Lincoln. Instead, rely on the factory-trained experts at our premier dealership.

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Tire Service in Livermore

Your car tires are the only part of your luxury vehicle that touch the road. Without a good set of tires on your Lincoln, your on-road safety is compromised. That’s why our professional team offers free tire checks to ensure that you are riding on a set of tires that will protect you. When the time comes to have the tires replaced, you want to know you have the best auto repair team on your side. Not only do we have the premium tires you want installed on your Lincoln, but we have a full team of certified technicians that know how to repair your vehicle right the first time.

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Wheel Alignment in Livermore

If you enjoy a smooth ride, you want to ensure your Lincoln gets regular wheel alignments. At Livermore Lincoln, we perform wheel alignment to ensure that your vehicle tires meet the road at the correct angle. When we adjust the wheels’ angles, you get better gas mileage, enjoy a smoother ride and prolong the life of your tires. Schedule your Lincoln’s wheel alignment or auto repair in California today.

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